Integrated CRM for retailers and wholesalers

Truly understand your customers by having all the information you need in one single system.

Grow your business with integrated customer data and CRM

Effective customer management is essential in improving the customer service experience and encouraging loyalty with both new and existing customers. This means you must have access to a 360° view of all of your contacts and the flexibility to manage all types of relationships, from retail customer, to wholesale client, to product supplier.

Azuora provides you with a 360° understanding of customer activities, including sales, purchases, finance and goods delivery, all within a single business management system.

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Improve your customer service

With access to a full order history and customer activities, your staff can unite their approach towards your customers, instantly improving the customer service you can provide.

360° understanding

Orders, billings and notes are all logged against contact records, providing you with a complete history of each relationship, and access to a coordinated customer first approach.

Build stronger relationships

Access to a full customer audit trail and previous order history means you can work efficiently with your wholesale clients and build lasting relationships with them.

Fully integrated CRM

With your CRM integrated with all orders and accounting, learn which customers are your most or least profitable and thus, which customers you should spend more time with.

Reduce costs and improve profitability with Azuora

With Azuora, you will have a retail and wholesale management platform that can scale with your business growth. Learn more about why Azuora is the best solution for your business and how it can streamline your inventory management workflows with a personalized demo from our business experts.

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